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What pool is best for my yard?

Cypress Pools offers at home, in yard consultations and takes your ideas and converts them into a practical but more importantly esthetic poolscape design.

How long does a pool take to be installed?

When pool configuration is determined, excavation can be scheduled and in approximately 3 weeks your pool structure can be completed (from excavation to concrete patio).

How do I fill my pool with water?

Most municipalities allow for filling of pools through the homeowner’s water system. Expense for trucking in water is always a second option.

Sand/Cartridge/DE filter, what’s best for my pool?

Cypress Pools recommends the use of Diatemaceous Earth (DE). DE filters give you the cleanliness of a cartridge filter but the user-friendly maintenance of a sand filter.




How can I have my filter run more efficiently?

With each Cypress pool a complete demo of filter maintenance is included including the pump strainer housing basket and the DE grid system. Optimal running order requires that the skimmer baskets, the pump basket, and the DE grid assembly are checked often.

How can I make vacuuming my pool easier?

When your filtration system is running at optimal efficiency and the vacuuming equipment is in good working order, your vacuuming should not be a chore. Contact Cypress Pools with any questions or concerns regarding your issue, and we will be glad to assist you in the process of enhancing your cleaning experience.

How do I keep my water sparkling?

Cypress Pools offers a complete WaterLink pool water analysis in our showroom to balance your pool chemicals. The key to sparkling water is the balance of your Ph, Alkalinity, Hardness, and Chlorine. Not only are these important to your sparkling water but are essential for the long-lasting life of your pool equipment.

Can I drain my pool and refill with fresh water?

Vinyl liner pools are never recommended to be drained once filled with water; unless advised according to a certain percentage by your Cypress Pools Professional.